Saturday, January 15, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

I have been careful not to talk too much about brands, and more about types of diapers on this blog because brands are always changing and coming out with new styles and designs. I do want to talk about a few specific things on here that have become some of my favorite things to do with cloth diapers.

Bumgenius diaper sprayer: I think having a diaper sprayer is a must have for anyone wanting to cloth diaper. In the beginning, if your baby is only getting breast milk, many people don't bother rinsing off the poop and just wash it out in the washer. Once you start transitioning to solids though, a diaper sprayer is invaluable. The Bumgenius brand one I purchased has worked great for me and I would recommend it.

AMP 3 layer hemp inserts/flats: These flats are wonderful used folded in half, placed in a cover. They are super thirsty and I don't think I have ever had a pee leak with one of these in a well fitting cover. They are a bit big and bulky on a smaller baby, but on my 23 and 24 pound twins they soak up an amazing amount of pee. They take at least 10 washes to get fully prepped, but the more they are used and washed the softer they seem to get and the better they work. Made in Canada:)

Flip one sized covers: I love the colors these come in. So far they only come in solid colors, but they are colors that work well with a lot of my kids clothes. These are one sized covers, so they grow with the baby. For fit, on my two, there are no covers that have consistently fit as well. I have tall and skinny babies, but I have heard from a number of people with chubbier little ones, that these fit their babies well too. I like the flip function of these covers, on both ends there is a small flap where you can slide an insert, a pad folded flat or prefold under. I find this useful when trying to snap these on a squirmy toddler, as it keeps the filling from falling out.

Snappis: When using a snapless fitted, prefolds or flats a snappi is very useful for fastening. Once you get the hang of using one (great videos are available online) it is super easy. No need to worry about sticking pins into your baby.

Bumgenius pocket diapers: I have tried many different brands of pocket diapers, but Bumgenius wins for function. If I am in a situation where I want to make sure the twins will be leak free, or I know finding a place to change them will be an issue. I will reach for one of these diapers. These are my number one choice for out and about. I also find they work well for my twins, triple stuffed for over night.

Minky fabric: Some pocket diapers or covers are available in minky fabric. I have a number of Blueberry brand minky pocket diapers. I love the feel of these diapers. Minky is too pretty and soft to be covered up with pants, so these are perfect diapers to wear in warm weather when all you need is a T shirt and a diaper. I also love them for under dresses.

Baby legs: These are available in a number of different brands, and countless colors and patterns. I find they are the perfect thing to match with a super cute diaper around the house. I am lazy and it is so much quicker to change a diaper without having to take off and put back on pants. I also love baby legs to wear under pants in the cold weather to bridge the gap between pants and socks and to provide a little extra warmth. They also work well as tights under dresses. For babies learning to crawl, these provide a nice knee pad. I have been told these are great to use during potty training too, when it is too cold to run around totally nude.

Cute patterns: One of the best things about cloth diapers is how cute they are. I love the cute patterns I have on some of my diapers. Rumparooz brand diapers have some of the cutest prints around. Some wool covers are knitted with wonderful colors and patterns as well. Having a print that makes you smile during a diaper change is worth a lot!

What are some of your favorite things to do with cloth diapers?

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